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Middle East crisis: ‘All children must be protected in accordance with international standards’, says Social Committee

Addressing sexual violence against children

The Social Affairs Committee, meeting by videoconference, expressed deep shock at the loss of human life and disrespect for humanitarian law in the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, in particular with regard to children.

“Children have fallen victim to killings, injuries, destruction of civilian infrastructure such as housing, schools and hospitals, and denial of access to humanitarian assistance,” the committee said in a statement adopted today, which indicates that since 10 May, at least 63 children in Gaza and 2 children in Israel have lost their lives, and more than 450 children are reported injured in Gaza.

The parliamentarians said that the provisions of international law were being violated by both sides, and recalled that all children must be protected in accordance with international standards. “Diplomacy must be intensified to remedy the situation and all available channels must be used to mediate an immediate ceasefire,” they concluded.