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Webinar on gender equality in migration policies

Refugees, migrants, migration

“If we really want to integrate the protection of human rights in how we deal with the migration crisis, we need to look at a diversity of measures, a differentiation of data by gender as regards migrants, as well as a differentiation of voices and representation,” said Petra Stienen (Netherlands, ALDE), rapporteur on “Gender mainstreaming in migration policies”, speaking today at a webinar by videoconference on “Gender and migration”.

“Gender mainstreaming in migration policies should include the needs and vulnerabilities of all genders. A gender perspective in migration and asylum policies (and in general) does not only mean a women's perspective. We also need to look at the vulnerabilities of men and boys, she added.

According to Sena Nur Çelik (Turkey, NR), rapporteur for opinion, at all stages of the migration process, many women are subjected to severe forms of violence in accommodation, reception and detention facilities. “Gender-sensitive measures to protect migrant women in these facilities are absent, including programs to identify victims of violence and trafficking, and access to psychological, sexual and reproductive healthcare,” she said.

She regrets that “migration policies are gender-blind in several European countries”, calling for specific measures which differentiate between women and men migrants, at all levels of reception to integration.

This joint event was organised by the Migration Committee, the Equality Committee and the Parliamentary Network “Women Free from Violence”, at the initiative of Petra Stienen and Sena Nur Çelik.

Participants included a member of the European Parliament, the Greek Deputy Minister of Migration and Asylum, a representative of the Directorate General for Immigration, Asylum and Visa at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a representative of the Migration Policy Department at the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, a representative of the Council of Europe’s Gender Equality Commission, and academics.