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Including sport in national recovery and resilience measures in the face of Covid-19

Sport and Covid 19

In a declaration adopted unanimously today, the Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media called on public authorities to give full attention to sport in the development of anti-covid measures and to work with the sport movement to find ways to mitigate the damaging impacts of the crisis.

“Some measures have been put in place by European states, but in a limited and reactive way, mostly to inject liquidity and financial support to the sport organisations. But the sport sector needs much more than this, and governments should, in particular, include sport and physical activities in national recovery and resilience plans in the face of the pandemic,” according to Carlos Alberto Gonçalves (Portugal, EPP/CD), who is currently preparing a report on sports policies in times of crisis.

Bjørn Berge, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, who participated in the exchange of views, referred to the different bodies of the Council of Europe, which have advised States Parties “to adopt a co-ordinated, integrated and multi-agency approach, supporting one another and sharing good practice in these unprecedented times”. “The revised European Sports Charter envisaged for later this year will also help the Organisation to keep pace with the challenges we face," Mr Berge stressed.