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Call for the voluntary relocation of migrants in need of humanitarian protection

The PACE Migration Committee wants the member States of the Council of Europe and the European Union (EU) to strengthen and increase the voluntary transfer of migrants in need of humanitarian protection or asylum seekers to third countries for the purposes of determining their migration status, focusing in particular on vulnerable people in Cyprus, Italy, Malta and Spain.

By adopting a draft resolution based on the report by Lord Alexander Dundee (United Kingdom, EC/DA), the Committee also recalled that thousands of undocumented migrants are homeless at the EU's external borders, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and Belarus.

Member States should "register, provide accommodation and take note of asylum requests from such persons and seek possibilities for voluntary relocation and resettlement to other countries when humanitarian emergencies so dictate.

“All member States should offer assistance to these countries when such emergencies arise, in a spirit of solidarity” the Committee stressed.