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Promoting equal representation of women and men in the Assembly

Nicole Trisse (France, ADLE)
©Council of Europe

The PACE decided today to amend its Rules of Procedure, in order to encourage national delegations to promote equal representation of women and men in the Assembly, with a view to achieving a minimum participation threshold of 40% for each sex.

In a resolution adopted on the basis of the report by Nicole Trisse (France, ALDE), PACE called on the Assembly’s political groups to promote more proactively “the balanced representation and participation of women and men in the Assembly’s decision-making bodies”.

According to the adopted text, the introduction of a minimum quota of members of the under-represented sex, based on the principle of “one in three”, must be applied in appointments to committees appointed by the political groups, ad hoc committees, as well as in the appointment of rapporteurs by committees.