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Alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct for PACE members - complaint concerning Rosianne Cutajar

The PACE Rules Committee considered on 2 November the complaint against former Assembly member Rosianne Cutajar (Malta, SOC) regarding alleged violations of the Code of Conduct for members of the Parliamentary Assembly.

The committee examined the allegations and decided, despite Ms Cutajar's resignation as a PACE member on 6 October 2021, to remain seized of the matter pending the completion of ongoing proceedings in the Maltese Parliament.

At the same time, the committee decided to ask the Speaker of the Maltese Parliament to provide it with relevant information on the procedures before the Committee for Standards in Public Life of the Maltese Parliament, as well as on its timetable, and revert to the matter at one of its next meetings, no later than during the 2022 second part-session of the Assembly.

In April 2021, PACE member Pieter Omtzigt (Netherlands, EPP/CD) brought to the attention of the Rules Committee the behaviour of Ms Cutajar, alleging a breach of the Code of Conduct for members of the Assembly. According to Mr Omtzigt, Ms Cutajar had not filed any declaration of interest as a PACE member since 2018, and did not make any oral statement during the PACE debate, held in June 2019 on Mr Omzigt’s report on “Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination and the rule of law in Malta and beyond“, drawing attention to her ties to Yorgen Fenech, who, in November 2019, was arrested, detained and charged with involvement in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.