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‘What men and boys can do to fight sexism’ – a new video to mark End Violence against Women Day

A new video from PACE is being launched today, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November 2021), with ideas and advice for men and boys on how to fight sexism, counter gender stereotypes and combat gender-based violence.

Produced by the Assembly’s “Women free from violence” parliamentary network, the four-minute clip offers practical advice to men and boys on what they can do to stand up for true equality between women and men – such as calling out friends or colleagues who get it wrong, challenging stereotypes in the media, or showing the way for other men by acting with dignity and mutual respect at home, school and work.

The video also highlights the work of the network, a unique collaboration among MPs from national parliaments across Europe to promote the Council of Europe’s work on ending violence against women, especially ratification of the Istanbul Convention, the Council’s gold standard treaty for combating domestic violence.

“This year I call more strongly than ever on men and boys to play their part in ensuring that violence against women is eliminated from our societies,” said Zita Gurmai (Hungary, SOC), PACE’s General Rapporteur on violence against women, in a statement issued on the eve of End #VAW Day. “Until the whole of society recognises the need for change and for the true equality that ends violence […], we will not prevail.”

The clip is now available in English and French, as well as a version sub-titled in Italian which will be shown today at a meeting of PACE’s Standing Committee in Rome. A short version of around two minutes, in English and in French, will also feature on the Assembly’s Twitter and Facebook platforms. The video will eventually be available in all five of the Assembly’s working languages, with German and Russian versions to come. All versions can be found on the Assembly’s YouTube channel.

The clip may be used rights-free in any non-commercial context. Anyone wishing to use it should contact the network team on [email protected] or [email protected]