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The Covid-19 situation: 'No-one is safe until everyone is safe'

Vaccine / COVID

The Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development expressed its concern about the rapidly evolving Covid-19 pandemic. Adopting a statement today unanimously, it recommended “global equitable distribution of vaccines”, which is vital to protect public health. “No-one is safe until everyone is safe,” the parliamentarians said, stressing the need to stop the virus from circulating by vaccinating vulnerable groups and healthcare workers everywhere to avoid more deaths and disease.

The statement also refers to “vaccine hesitancy, fuelled by misinformation and distrust in government”, which makes vaccine progress more difficult. The committee therefore recommends investing in strong vaccine education campaigns, but also “starting the debate on mandatory vaccination”.

Finally, it calls on member States to take the necessary measures – while respecting human rights – to lower infection rates, including through barrier methods such as mandatory mask-wearing indoors, and shutdowns and lockdowns as necessary.