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Vice-President in respect of the Russian Federation: the seat remains vacant

In the context of the election of a Vice-President of the Assembly in respect of the Russian Federation, the Assembly decided at the opening of the Session to hold, on 25 January, a vote by secret ballot on the election of the candidate proposed by the Russian delegation, Piotr Tolstoi.

In the second round of voting, that took place this afternoon, Mr Tolstoi did not obtain a relative majority of the votes cast, with more than half the number of representatives having voted. The seat of the Russian Federation consequently remains vacant until a candidate presented by the Russian national delegation obtains the requisite majority.

According to PACE’s Rules of Procedure, the candidates proposed by national delegations shall be declared elected without a ballot. However, if there is a request for a vote by at least twenty representatives or substitutes in respect of one or several candidates, they shall be elected by secret ballot.