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PACE welcomes Armenia’s successful emergence from crisis, sets out next steps for reform

Yerevan / Armenia

PACE has welcomed the fact that Armenia has “successfully emerged from the serious political crisis triggered by the outcome in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict” as well as its pursuit of reforms and the launch of new projects since the change of political leadership in 2018.

Approving a resolution based on the latest monitoring report by Kimmo Kiljunen (Finland, SOC) and Boriana Åberg (Sweden, EPP/CD), the Assembly assessed “what lasting achievements had emerged from the democratic reform process that Armenia had embarked on, despite its recent difficulties, what remained to be done and what could raise questions”.

Focusing on electoral reform, the balance of institutional power, enabling democratic culture to take root in the political sphere, judicial reform and the media situation, the Assembly set out a number of recommendations to the authorities.