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‘We see you, women of Ukraine’ – an open letter by PACE President Tiny Kox on International Women’s Day

Letter to the Ukrainian delegation 8 March

PACE President Tiny Kox has expressed his solidarity with and support for the women of Ukraine in an open letter to mark International Women’s Day (8 March 2022).

Writing to the head of Ukraine’s PACE delegation Mariia Mezentseva, the President said: “We see you, women of Ukraine, protecting your children, organising first aid for the wounded, collecting food for those in dire need, bravely protesting against the aggressor; we see you caring for your children, for the sick, the disabled and elderly people who have to leave their homes to seek shelter somewhere, inside or outside your country. We see you, women of Ukraine, participating in keeping your country organised, at all levels, however difficult that is.”

The President said the war was “in a way, literally a man-made disaster”, and again called on the Russian President and those pursuing the war to “immediately and unconditionally stop their violent aggression towards the people and State of Ukraine”. He also called on women in Russia to play a role in ending the war: “I know of the dangers you face when protesting. But we need your support now, women of Russia, to help the women of Ukraine, and all Ukrainians with them.”