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PACE President deeply worried by worsening political situation in Tunisia

“I am deeply worried by the worsening political situation in Tunisia,” said PACE President Tiny Kox in a statement today.

“With the President’s decision to dissolve Parliament, which has been suspended since July 2021, the standoff between Tunisian institutions has now reached a new and dangerous stage,” he added.

“On behalf of the Assembly, I call on all Tunisian political forces to avoid further escalation, to preserve the democratic acquis, and to engage sincerely in the search for a way out of the current political deadlock, for the benefit of the Tunisian people, whose legitimate aspiration to dignity and democracy deserves to be respected and rewarded.”

“The Council of Europe’s experience with regard to the rule of law, human rights and democracy remains available to help to preserve and strengthen Tunisian democracy,” the President concluded.