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The 2022 Museum Prize was awarded to Nano Nagle Place

Museum Prize 2022 Award Ceremony

The Museum Prize was awarded to Nano Nagle Place (Cork, Ireland) during a ceremony at the Palais des Rohan, in Strasbourg. The museum was chosen last December by the Culture Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

Recieving the Prize, Shane Clarke, CEO of Nano Nagle Place, said: “We are so honoured to be awarded the Council of Europe Museum Prize 2022 for celebrating human rights, democracy, and intercultural dialogue. Our mission is to take Nano’s values of education and social justice into the twenty-first century. To be recognised at the vanguard of museum practice in our work across heritage and community development, particularly the Lantern Project and the Cork Migrant Centre, confirms our belief that museums really can change the world.”

PACE President Tiny Kox stated that “at the Council of Europe we believe this is an exemplary place based on need not on doctrine, providing long-term sustainable cultural and social services directly connected to the core museum story of innovative education and care of the poor and the excluded … with this award the museum plays an important role in promoting the core values in 46 member states of the Council of Europe, the values that in these times that we cannot take for granted and that we must keep defending continuously.” 

When taking its decision, the commitee underlined that despite being rooted in the specific religious tradition of Roman Catholicism, with nuns still living on the site, there is a strong sense of caring based on need, not on doctrine. "Nano Nagle Place has a very strong and coherent mission which is in line with the Council of Europe’s human rights values and principles,” the committee said.

Museum Prize 2022 Award Ceremony
Museum Prize 2022 Award Ceremony
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