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Eradicating extreme child poverty in Europe is an international obligation and a moral duty

Children and poverty

Despite all the efforts being made, poverty, especially extreme child poverty, is far from being eradicated. And in light of “unacceptable situations” Council of Europe member States should “demonstrate the political will to address every dimension of extreme child poverty” and ensure no one is left by the wayside.

Following the proposals by the rapporteur, Pierre-Alain Fridez (Switzerland, SOC), the Standing Committee urged member States to increase their commitments contained in the Revised European Social Charter, to translate these commitments into concrete measures through action plans and to intensify the efforts to benefit children in their development programmes “in order to end extreme child poverty worldwide by 2030”.

The parliamentarians welcomed the European Union’s recent initiative to establish a European Child Guarantee and encouraged member States to support this initiative or adopt corresponding policies.