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Partnership with the Kyrgyz Parliament has produced ‘mixed results’, says PACE

The Assembly’s partnership for democracy with the Parliament of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan has produced “mixed results” in the eight years since it was granted, PACE has said.

The Assembly resolved to continue the partnership, in order to support the country’s path to democracy, but warned that the prolonged absence of Kyrgyz parliamentarians from PACE sessions, or lack of concrete results, could result in it being "terminated”.

Under the partnership, parliaments declare that they share basic Council of Europe values and pledge to make democratic changes, in return for the possibility to participate in some of the Assembly’s work. The Kyrgyz Parliament was granted this status by the Assembly in 2014, the third to receive it – and the first in central Asia.

However in its first assessment, based on a report by Jacques Maire (France, ALDE), the Assembly noted the “controversial, to say the least, evolution of the political and institutional situation in the country” and expressed regret that the parliament had been “unable to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the partnership to take democratic reforms forward in the country”.

The Kyrgyz Republic has not acceded to any Council of Europe conventions or partial agreements – despite pledges to do so – while the 2020 political crisis in the country had “laid bare the weaknesses and failings of the country’s democratic institutions”, the Assembly said. It also expressed concern at reports of violations of human rights, including torture, unfair trials, and curbs on freedom of expression.

The Assembly, however, noted “the interest in and desire to continue with the partnership expressed by representatives of parliament, the government and civil society”. It also noted Kyrgyzstan’s willingness to “defend the sovereignty of Ukraine [and] not to associate itself with Russian aggression”.