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Ending discrimination against women in sport

Edite Estrela (Portugal, SOC)

“There is an urgent need to prevent gender-based violence, sexism, discrimination and gender stereotypes in the world of sport, promote gender equality, invest in sport for all, and put an end to the invisibility of women and girls,” said the Equality Committee meeting in Paris today.

The report by Edite Estrela (Portugal, SOC), adopted by the committee, stresses that inequalities in pay, treatment, access and status between women and men are still common in both professional and non-professional sport, and that women are poorly represented in decision-making bodies.

The parliamentarians called on States to take measures to prevent violence against women and girls in sport – including in schools and sports organisations – support victims and prosecute perpetrators. They condemned hate speech and sexism directed at female athletes, including LBTI athletes, and called on States to prevent and combat harassment of LBTI athletes, and to abolish discriminatory policies against them.

The committee also advocated investing in the development of sport for all and considering it as a means of integration and emancipation.

Finally, it fully supported the continuation of the joint Council of Europe and European Union “All in:Towards gender balance in sport” project.