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PACE urges states not to abuse the Schengen Information System, resulting in unjustified entry refusals

Ziya Altunyaldiz (Türkiye, NR)

States should not “misuse” the EU’s Schengen Information System (SIS) by making unjustified alerts, including on politically motivated grounds, PACE has said.

Approving a resolution based on a report by Ziya Altunyaldiz (Türkiye, NR), the Assembly said that – while states had a sovereign right under international law to decide who should be allowed to enter their territory – they should also respect the rights of third country nationals trying to enter the Schengen Area, in line with the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Assembly proposed that the EU and its member States take a series of additional measures to make the system fairer – such as introducing effective remedies for anyone who believes they are wrongly the subject of an SIS alert, ensuring transparency in the way SIS data are registered and used, and verifying that only accurate and lawful data are entered.