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Romania: significant progress in the functioning of democratic institutions, despite a number of concerns, PACE says

According to the PACE, Romania has made significant progress toward its compliance with Council of Europe standards since its accession, in areas crucial for the functioning of democratic institutions, including the judiciary and the fight against corruption.

It welcomed, in particular, the ongoing structural reforms of the judicial system – aimed at addressing a number of concerns formulated by the Venice Commission and the GRECO – the adoption of an Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2021-2025, and its commitment to protect the rights of persons belonging to national minorities.

The Parliamentary Assembly also commended Romania on its swift reaction to large waves of refugees from Ukraine and its assistance it has provided to a large number of people in need of international protection.


However, the resolution adopted today, on the basis of the report by Edite Estrela (Portugal, SOC) and Krista Baumane (Latvia, ALDE), underlines a number of concerns, in parlicularly regarding media freedom and pluralism, the inclusion of Romanian citizens belonging to the Roma minority, and the fact that Romania is among the States with the largest number of unexecuted judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.

PACE made a series of recommendations to the Romanian authorities in the field of the judiciary, the fight against corruption, the execution of the Court's judgments, the media, and the protection of persons belonging to minorities and vulnerable groups, in order to best fulfill their obligations undertaken upon accession to the Organisation. The sustainability and effectiveness of the reforms will have to be confirmed by the proper implementation of legislation, the adopted text underlines.

The Assembly invited its Monitoring Committee “to continue following the developments in the country in the framework of a future periodic review, and to report back to the Assembly if developments so warrant”.


* * *

Romania, which joined the Council of Europe in 1993, was subject to a monitoring procedure by the Parliamentary Assembly until 1997, and then to post-monitoring dialogue between 2000 and 2002.

The Monitoring Committee, which prepares periodic review reports on all member States that are not subject to specific monitoring procedures, has selected Romania in 2019 to be the subject of such a report.