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The Assembly elects its Vice-Presidents

At the opening of its winter plenary Session today, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) elected its Vice-Presidents:

Sibel Arslan (Switzerland)
Bertrand Bouyx (France)
Edite Estrela (Portugal)
John Howell (United Kingdom)
Darko Kaevski (North Macedonia)
Olena Khomenko (Ukraine)
Elvira Kovács (Serbia)
Armin Laschet (Germany)
Antonio Gutiérrez Limones (Spain)
Reinhold Lopatka (Austria)
Marco Nicolini (San Marino)
Ingjerd Schou (Norway)
Ionuţ-Marian Stroe (Romania)
Tamara Vonta (Slovenia)
Maja Vukićević (Montenegro)
Markus Wiechel (Sweden)
Ahmet Yildiz (Türkiye)
Anna Záborská (Slovak Republic)
Vacant seat (Italy)

Nineteen Vice-Presidents are elected annually at the beginning of an ordinary session and remain in office until the opening of the next session (but a Vice-President whose delegation is renewed in the course of a session does not remain in office).