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PACE welcomes European solidarity with displaced Ukrainians, and urges support for all refugees

Paul Gavan (Ireland, UEL)

PACE has welcomed the high level of European solidarity shown in welcoming Ukrainians forced to flee Russia’s aggression – and has urged greater support for all refugees.

Approving a resolution based on a report by Lord Alexander Dundee (United Kingdom, EC/DA), the Assembly’s Standing Committee cited in particular the EU’s decision to offer temporary protection to Ukrainians and offer them free public transport, as well as the “immense humanitarian contributions” made by NGOs across Europe and local authorities which have twinned with Ukrainian towns, cities and regions.

The Assembly also hailed the member states which have welcomed refugees from other “overwhelmed” countries such as Cyprus, Greece, Italy, the Republic of Moldova, or Libya, and again noted Türkiye’s hosting of some 3.7 million displaced Syrians.

The parliamentarians recommended a greater role for the Council of Europe in promoting humanitarian action for persons on the move, and underlined the contribution that different bodies of the Council of Europe could make, including the Development Bank, the Congress, the INGO Conference, the Youth Centres and the North-South Centre.