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Addressing the Reykjavik Summit, PACE President praises Assembly’s involvement on results European citizens 'demand and deserve'

PACE President Tiny Kox addressing the Reykjavik Summit

“Restoring, strengthening and perhaps re-inventing European democratic security and rules-based multilateralism against aggressive unilateralism has become an existential challenge and a main reason to meet here today," said Tiny Kox, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), addressing the Reykjavik Summit.

"Our Assembly appreciates that our input has been taken so seriously by you. We compliment you on the results," he added.

He expressed the Assembly’s full support for the creation of a comprehensive system to ensure the accountability of the Russian Federation, including an ad hoc tribunal for the crime of aggression, a Register of Damage and viable mechanism to ensure the return of abducted children back home as its cornerstone.

The Assembly also fully supports, he said, a “better safeguarded” European Convention on Human Rights, with the authority of the Court “better protected and the execution of its judgements better guaranteed”, as well as EU accession to the Convention.

“With you," the PACE President added, "we want to reverse the dangerous backsliding of democracy, by addressing its root causes and by formulating binding principles for democracy in all our member States."

"And with you, we agree that the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment be recognised as a fundamental human right. This is the moment to act," Mr Kox said.

“We are facing huge challenges. Let us show the courage to counter them. Our citizens demand it, our citizens deserve it. Let us be the ones to do it," the PACE President concluded.