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'We must demonstrate that Russia’s approach of ‘might is right’ fails', Saeima Speaker declares

Edvards Smiltēns

“We must undoubtedly and powerfully demonstrate that Russia’s approach of ‘might is right’ fails, and that justice is fully restored. We must ensure that after it is defeated in Ukraine, Russia never again resorts to aggression as an instrument of foreign policy,” Saeima Speaker Edvards Smiltēns said, addressing the PACE Standing Committee in Riga.

“On that I am rather optimistic today. On our immediate task of helping Ukraine push back against Russian aggression, we, the Europeans, together with our allies, have been united, resilient and unambiguous,” he added.

Mr Smiltēns added: “I see numerous initiatives on the national level and internationally taking shape and gaining momentum that will inevitably ensure Russia’s full accountability: for the leadership crime of aggression; for the brutality and the atrocities committed against Ukrainians; and for the destruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure.”

“We are nowhere close to reaching our goals on these challenging tasks, yet. But as we proceed, we cannot allow any challenge to be perceived as too complex or burdensome, or politically difficult to take on. We must be guided solely by our strategic interests. We must remain mindful that every decision we make is a contribution to the future European security environment,” the Saeima President said.