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Violence against women with disabilities: raising a taboo subject

Violence against women with disabilities

Violence against women with disabilities, whether physical, sexual, structural, psychological or economic, remains a taboo subject, underlined the PACE Committee on Equality. “Society infantilises women with disabilities by not allowing them to make informed choices about their lives, including their sexual and reproductive health,” she stressed.

In a draft resolution adopted unanimously, based on a report by Béatrice Fresko-Rolfo (Monaco, ALDE), the committee called for "systemic change" in order to achieve effective inclusion and prevent violence against persons with disabilities, in all their diversity. Member States should, if they have not already done so, “prohibit forced sterilisations and forced abortions and ensure that those who have suffered violence of this type receive compensation”.

It is necessary, the committee said, to “make the inclusion of persons with disabilities a priority”, supporting their access to education, employment and culture, investing in accessibility and promoting their participation in economic, cultural, political and public life. A gender dimension in national disability policies should be guaranteed, they said.

The committee encouraged member States to provide financial support to non-governmental organisations working to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities, prevent and combat gender-based violence and support survivors.

The draft resolution adopted will be debated by the Parliamentary Assembly at its next Autumn Plenary Session in Strasbourg (9-13 October 2023).