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Preventing far-right extremism by strengthening adherence to Council of Europe core values

Sammad Seyidov

PACE today expressed its concern about the increase in recent years of far-right violence, driven by xenophobia, racism and other forms of intolerance, stressing that a number of member States consider forms of far-right terrorism “the fastest growing or most prominent domestic security threat they face.”

“The most effective way of preventing far-right extremism is to strengthen adherence to the core values of the Council of Europe,” the Parliamentary Assembly said, adopting a resolution, based on the report by Samad Seyidov (Azerbaijan, EC/DA).

In order to effectively counter far-right extremism and hate speech, PACE called on member States to enhance existing legislation, promote education and media literacy, and combat online radicalisation through collaboration with social media platforms and tech companies to remove content promoting far-right ideologies.

PACE also recommends developing strategies to counter disinformation and propaganda spread by far-right groups, “ensuring that accurate and evidence-based information prevails,” and implementing effective mechanisms against extremists in the police.

Finally, PACE emphasised that politicians and political parties should be at the forefront of responses to the phenomenon, in the public defence of human rights and democratic principles and in the unequivocal rejection of all forms of racism and intolerance, and hate speech, It encouraged political parties to sign the Charter of European political parties for a non-racist and inclusive society.