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PACE condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine, calls for comprehensive, just and lasting peace

Iulian Bulia (Romania, ALDE)

PACE today condemned Russia's ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine, stressing the importance of upholding Council of Europe standards and calling for “a united front to stop the aggression and win a peace which is comprehensive, just and lasting, ensuring that the rule of law prevails over the rule of force.”

The resolution adopted today by the Assembly, based on the report by Iulian Bulai (Romania, ALDE), underlines that achieving peace means “supporting the victory of Ukraine militarily, financially, politically, and diplomatically at bilateral and multilateral level” and recognising “the nature, extent and gravity of the crimes committed by the Russian Federation.”

Therefore, in its resolution, the PACE has set several priorities and recommends in particular:

- recognise the Great Famine (the Holodomor) as an act of genocide and adopt resolutions commemorating the victims;

- the countries represented in the Conference of Participants of the Register of Damage to “swiftly advance to ensure the Register of Damage is operational as soon as possible;”

- push for setting up an international compensation mechanism for the victims and support the creation of a Special International Tribunal for the crime of aggression;

- support for international bodies like the International Criminal Court and the Joint Investigation Team to investigate and prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity “committed or ordered in Ukraine, since the beginning of the aggression in 2014;”

- the widest possible support of President Zelenskyy's Peace Formula and to assist Ukraine in its “struggle to defend its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Finally, the Parliamentary Assembly resolves to maintain dialogue and co-operation with democratic opposition forces in Russia and Belarus “which respect Council of Europe values, including the specific criteria established in this regard, support the victory of Ukraine, respect the territorial integrity of Council of Europe member States and publicly condemn Russian aggression."