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At Crimea Platform, PACE President urges international community to remain united in supporting Ukraine

Second Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform

PACE President Tiny Kox has again urged the international community to remain united and focused on bringing a just peace to Ukraine, fully restoring its territorial integrity, ensuring justice for victims, and holding Russia to account.

Speaking at the second parliamentary summit of the International Crimea Platform in Prague, the President said: “Bringing the occupied parts back as soon as possible to Ukraine, is bringing justice to the citizens of Ukraine, and ensuring that their fundamental human rights and freedoms will be again respected and protected. This should remain our focus, every day."

He reminded participants that the Council of Europe had expelled Russia, its largest member state, within three weeks of the invasion: “When the Russian military crossed Ukraine’s borders, it also crossed the red lines of the Council of Europe.”

He listed the numerous actions taken by PACE to support Ukraine since then, including its successful push for the creation of a “Registry of Damage” and in due course a compensation fund, its work to create a tribunal to try Russia for the crime of aggression, and its total condemnation of the illegal annexations of Ukrainian territory.

“This war should never become a normality for us. We should never forget about the ongoing terrible suffering of the Ukrainian people. And this is particularly vital for all those who happen to live under Russian occupation. We, as the international community, must never betray them or let them down,” he said.