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Committee reviews progress of member States under monitoring in 2023

Piero Fassino, Italy

The Monitoring Committee, meeting today in Rome, has adopted its annual report taking stock of its monitoring activities in 2023 and making a series of assessments of the countries under a full monitoring procedure or engaged in post-monitoring dialogue, as well as of countries that were subject this year to the procedure for the periodic review of membership obligations to the Council of Europe.

The report, prepared by Piero Fassino (Italy, SOC), summarizes key developments with regard to the honouring of membership obligations and commitments in the eleven countries under the full monitoring procedure (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine) as well as the three countries engaged in a post-monitoring dialogue (Bulgaria, Montenegro and North Macedonia). The latter procedure involves the States that have progressed to this stage following the termination of a full monitoring procedure; it is a less intensive procedure, focusing on a limited number of remaining issues that are expected to be resolvable within limited timeframe.

In addition, the Monitoring Committee prepares periodic reports on the honouring of membership obligations in all member states that are not covered by the above-mentioned procedures. In 2023, these reports were under preparation for three States (France, the Netherlands, and San Marino), two of which were presented to the Assembly (France and San Marino).

The committee welcomed positive developments and progress made during this period, and expressed concern about some remaining shortcomings in each of the countries concerned, as well as making specific recommendations. It also welcomed “the continuing outstanding close cooperation with the Venice Commission in the context of the Parliamentary Monitoring procedures”, as evident from the high number of opinions requested and produced.