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Georgia: PACE President condemns violence against politicians, civil society activists, media representatives and peaceful protesters

PACE President Theodoros Rousopoulos

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) President Theodoros Rousopoulos strongly condemned the attacks on civil society activists, media representatives and members of the opposition, as well as the use of disproportionate force by the police against peaceful demonstrators who oppose the controversial law on transparency of foreign influence, that was adopted today by the Georgian Parliament in an unnecessarily hasty fashion.

“These attacks, as well as the reports of disproportionate use of force by the police, should be fully and transparently investigated by the authorities and appropriate action should be undertaken to protect the safety of protesters, civil society activists, journalists and members of parliament, irrespective of their opinion on this law”, emphasised President Rousopoulos.

Noting that the opinion of the Venice Commission on the law on transparency of foreign influence that President Rousopoulos requested will already be available early next week, the PACE President urged the Georgian legislators to fully take into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission before this law is enacted.