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Vote on Resolution - Doc. 12097

Assembly's voting results

Increasing women’s representation in politics through the electoral system

38 in favor, 4 against, 4 abstentions

All participants in the vote

Voting choice Member Country Political group
In favour Mr Artsruni AGHAJANYAN Armenia NR
In favour Mr John AUSTIN United Kingdom SOC
In favour Ms Doris BARNETT Germany SOC
Against Mr Walter BARTOŠ Czech Republic EC
In favour Mr Laurent BÉTEILLE France EPP/CD
In favour Ms Lise CHRISTOFFERSEN Norway SOC
In favour Mr Rik DAEMS Belgium ALDE
In favour Mr Arcadio DÍAZ TEJERA Spain SOC
In favour Ms Lydie ERR Luxembourg SOC
In favour Ms Mirjana FERIĆ-VAC Croatia SOC
In favour Baroness Anita GALE United Kingdom SOC
In favour Mr Jean-Charles GARDETTO Monaco EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Valeriu GHILETCHI Republic of Moldova NR
In favour Mr Andreas GROSS Switzerland SOC
In favour Ms Ana GUŢU Republic of Moldova NR
In favour Ms Gultakin HAJIBAYLI Azerbaijan EPP/CD
In favour Mr Morgan JOHANSSON Sweden SOC
In favour Mr Stanisław KALEMBA Poland EPP/CD
In favour Mr Jan KAŹMIERCZAK Poland EPP/CD
In favour Ms Birgen KELEŞ Türkiye SOC
In favour Mr Haluk KOÇ Türkiye SOC
In favour Ms Sophie LAVAGNA Monaco EPP/CD
In favour Mr Jean-Paul LECOQ France UEL
Abstention Mr Dariusz LIPIŃSKI Poland EPP/CD
In favour Ms Kerstin LUNDGREN Sweden ALDE
Against Mr Theo MAISSEN Switzerland EPP/CD
In favour Ms Liliane MAURY PASQUIER Switzerland SOC
In favour Mr José MENDES BOTA Portugal EPP/CD
In favour Mr Aydin MIRZAZADA Azerbaijan EC
Against Mr Felix MÜRI Switzerland ALDE
Abstention Ms Oľga NACHTMANNOVÁ Slovak Republic SOC
Abstention Mr Vitalie NAGACEVSCHI Republic of Moldova NR
In favour Ms Carina OHLSSON Sweden SOC
In favour Ms Marietta de POURBAIX-LUNDIN Sweden EPP/CD
In favour Ms Mailis REPS Estonia ALDE
In favour Ms Maria Pilar RIBA FONT Andorra SOC
In favour Mr François ROCHEBLOINE France EPP/CD
In favour Mr René ROUQUET France SOC
Against Mr Indrek SAAR Estonia SOC
In favour Ms Marina SCHUSTER Germany ALDE
In favour Mr Michał STULIGROSZ Poland EPP/CD
In favour Ms Doris STUMP Switzerland SOC
In favour Mr Valeriy SUDARENKOV Russian Federation* SOC
In favour Mr Björn von SYDOW Sweden SOC
In favour Lord John E. TOMLINSON United Kingdom SOC
In favour Mr Piotr WACH Poland EPP/CD