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Vote on Recommendation - Doc. 12006

Assembly's voting results

The protection of "whistle-blowers"

23 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstention

All participants in the vote

Voting choice Member Country Political group
In favour Ms Anna ČURDOVÁ Czech Republic SOC
In favour Mr Renato FARINA Italy EPP/CD
In favour Ms Doris FIALA Switzerland ALDE
In favour Mr John GREENWAY United Kingdom EC
In favour Mr Andreas GROSS Switzerland SOC
In favour Mr Holger HAIBACH Germany EPP/CD
In favour Mr Andres HERKEL Estonia EPP/CD
In favour Mr Željko IVANJI Serbia EPP/CD
In favour Ms Kateřina JACQUES Czech Republic ALDE
In favour Mr Morgan JOHANSSON Sweden SOC
In favour Ms Elvira KOVÁCS Serbia EPP/CD
In favour Mr Theo MAISSEN Switzerland EPP/CD
In favour Ms Christine MARIN France EPP/CD
In favour Mr Dick MARTY Switzerland ALDE
In favour Mr Silver MEIKAR Estonia ALDE
In favour Ms Carina OHLSSON Sweden SOC
In favour Mr Pieter OMTZIGT Netherlands EPP/CD
In favour Mr Christos POURGOURIDES Cyprus EPP/CD
In favour Mr René ROUQUET France SOC
In favour Mr Nikolay SHAKLEIN Russian Federation* EC
In favour Ms Doris STUMP Switzerland SOC
In favour Mr Björn von SYDOW Sweden SOC
In favour Ms Nataša VUČKOVIĆ Serbia SOC