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Vote on Sub-amendment 1 - Doc. 12630

Assembly's voting results

Asylum seekers and refugees: sharing responsibilities in Europe

49 in favor, 1 against, 2 abstentions

All participants in the vote

Voting choice Member Country Political group
In favour Ms Tina ACKETOFT Sweden ALDE
Abstention Mr Konstantinos AIVALIOTIS Greece EC
In favour Ms Karin ANDERSEN Norway UEL
In favour Ms Sílvia Eloïsa BONET Andorra SOC
In favour Lord Tim BOSWELL United Kingdom EC
In favour Mr André BUGNON Switzerland ALDE
In favour Mr Mikael CEDERBRATT Sweden EPP/CD
In favour Sir Christopher CHOPE United Kingdom EC
In favour Ms Lise CHRISTOFFERSEN Norway SOC
In favour Mr James CLAPPISON United Kingdom EC
In favour Mr Michael CONNARTY United Kingdom SOC
In favour Mr Joseph DEBONO GRECH Malta SOC
In favour Mr Tuur ELZINGA Netherlands UEL
In favour Mr Joseph FALZON Malta EPP/CD
In favour Mr Valeriy FEDOROV Russian Federation* EC
In favour Mr Joseph Beppe FENECH ADAMI Malta EPP/CD
In favour Mr Gvozden Srećko FLEGO Croatia SOC
In favour Mr Erich Georg FRITZ Germany EPP/CD
In favour Ms Alena GAJDŮŠKOVÁ Czech Republic SOC
In favour Mr Andreas GROSS Switzerland SOC
In favour Ms Carina HÄGG Sweden SOC
In favour Mr Håkon HAUGLI Norway SOC
In favour Mr Oliver HEALD United Kingdom EC
In favour Mr Andres HERKEL Estonia EPP/CD
In favour Ms Anette HÜBINGER Germany EPP/CD
In favour Mr Tiny KOX Netherlands UEL
In favour Mr Jean-Paul LECOQ France UEL
In favour Mr Theo MAISSEN Switzerland EPP/CD
In favour Ms Christine MARIN France EPP/CD
In favour Ms Meritxell MATEU Andorra ALDE
In favour Ms Nursuna MEMECAN Türkiye ALDE
In favour Mr Felix MÜRI Switzerland ALDE
In favour Ms Carina OHLSSON Sweden SOC
In favour Mr Ivan POPESCU Ukraine SOC
In favour Mr Jørgen POULSEN Denmark ALDE
In favour Ms Marietta de POURBAIX-LUNDIN Sweden EPP/CD
In favour Mr François ROCHEBLOINE France EPP/CD
In favour Mr René ROUQUET France SOC
In favour Mr Giacomo SANTINI Italy EPP/CD
In favour Mr Leander SCHÄDLER Liechtenstein EPP/CD
In favour Mr Stefan SCHENNACH Austria SOC
In favour Ms Ingjerd SCHOU Norway EPP/CD
In favour Mr Mykola SHERSHUN Ukraine ALDE
In favour Mr Fiorenzo STOLFI San Marino SOC
In favour Mr Christoph STRÄSSER Germany SOC
In favour Ms Tineke STRIK Netherlands SOC
In favour Ms Doris STUMP Switzerland SOC
In favour Mr Björn von SYDOW Sweden SOC
Abstention Lord John E. TOMLINSON United Kingdom SOC
In favour Mr Øyvind VAKSDAL Norway EC
Against Mr Konstantinos VRETTOS Greece SOC
In favour Mr Marek WIKIŃSKI Poland SOC