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Vote on Amendment 4 - Doc. 13461

Assembly's voting results

Request for Partner for Democracy status with the Parliamentary Assembly submitted by the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic

73 in favor, 7 against, 10 abstentions

All participants in the vote

Voting choice Member Country Political group
In favour Mr Claude ADAM Luxembourg SOC
In favour Mr Pedro AGRAMUNT Spain EPP/CD
In favour Mr Miloš ALIGRUDIĆ Serbia EC
In favour Mr Werner AMON Austria EPP/CD
In favour Mr Lennart AXELSSON Sweden SOC
In favour Mr Deniz BAYKAL Turkey SOC
In favour Mr Sali BERISHA Albania EPP/CD
In favour Ms Maria Teresa BERTUZZI Italy NR
In favour Ms Gülsün BİLGEHAN Turkey SOC
In favour Mr Mladen BOJANIĆ Montenegro SOC
In favour Ms Sílvia Eloïsa BONET Andorra SOC
In favour Ms Svetislava BULAJIĆ Serbia ALDE
In favour Ms Nunzia CATALFO Italy NR
In favour Mr Vannino CHITI Italy SOC
In favour Sir Christopher CHOPE United Kingdom EC
In favour Ms Lise CHRISTOFFERSEN Norway SOC
In favour Ms Celeste COSTANTINO Italy NR
In favour Ms Pascale CROZON France SOC
In favour Mr Yves CRUCHTEN Luxembourg SOC
In favour Mr Grzegorz CZELEJ Poland NR
In favour Mr Reha DENEMEÇ Turkey EC
In favour Mr Manlio DI STEFANO Italy NR
Against Mr Şaban DİŞLİ Turkey EPP/CD
In favour Ms Aleksandra DJUROVIĆ Serbia NR
In favour Ms Ivana DOBEŠOVÁ Czech Republic ALDE
Against Ms Tülin ERKAL KARA Turkey EC
Abstention Ms Marjolein FABER-VAN DE KLASHORST Netherlands NR
In favour Mr Bernd FABRITIUS Germany EPP/CD
In favour Ms Doris FIALA Switzerland ALDE
In favour Ms Ute FINCKH-KRÄMER Germany SOC
In favour Mr Bernard FOURNIER France EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Martin FRONC Slovak Republic EPP/CD
Against Ms Darina GABÁNIOVÁ Slovak Republic SOC
Against Mr Tamás GAUDI NAGY Hungary NR
Against Mr Valeriu GHILETCHI Republic of Moldova EPP/CD
In favour Mr Zbigniew GIRZYŃSKI Poland NR
In favour Ms Ingebjørg GODSKESEN Norway EC
Abstention Mr Pavol GOGA Slovak Republic SOC
In favour Mr Rainer GOPP Liechtenstein ALDE
In favour Mr Andreas GROSS Switzerland SOC
In favour Mr Attila GRUBER Hungary EPP/CD
In favour Mr Jonas GUNNARSSON Sweden SOC
In favour Mr Nazmi GÜR Turkey UEL
In favour Ms Ana GUŢU Republic of Moldova ALDE
In favour Mr Tore HAGEBAKKEN Norway SOC
Abstention Ms Carina HÄGG Sweden SOC
In favour Mr Margus HANSON Estonia ALDE
In favour Mr Jürgen HARDT Germany EPP/CD
In favour Ms Françoise HETTO-GAASCH Luxembourg EPP/CD
In favour Mr Andrej HUNKO Germany UEL
In favour Mr Rafael HUSEYNOV Azerbaijan ALDE
In favour Mr Tadeusz IWIŃSKI Poland SOC
Against Mr Gediminas JAKAVONIS Lithuania ALDE
In favour Mr Frank J. JENSSEN Norway EPP/CD
In favour Mr Ferenc KALMÁR Hungary EPP/CD
In favour Mr Simeon KARAMAZOV Czech Republic EC
Abstention Mr Haluk KOÇ Turkey SOC
In favour Ms Elvira KOVÁCS Serbia EPP/CD
In favour Mr Tiny KOX Netherlands UEL
In favour Mr Philippe MAHOUX Belgium SOC
Abstention Mr Thierry MARIANI France EPP/CD
In favour Ms Meritxell MATEU Andorra ALDE
In favour Ms Pirkko MATTILA Finland NR
In favour Ms Liliane MAURY PASQUIER Switzerland SOC
Abstention Mr Michael MCNAMARA Ireland SOC
In favour Mr José MENDES BOTA Portugal EPP/CD
Abstention Ms Stefana MILADINOVIĆ Serbia SOC
In favour Mr Igor MOROZOV Russian Federation EC
In favour Mr João Bosco MOTA AMARAL Portugal EPP/CD
In favour Mr Gábor Tamás NAGY Hungary EPP/CD
In favour Mr Michele NICOLETTI Italy NR
In favour Ms Carina OHLSSON Sweden SOC
Against Mr Suat ÖNAL Turkey EC
In favour Mr José Ignacio PALACIOS Spain EPP/CD
In favour Ms Gabriela PECKOVÁ Czech Republic EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Grigore PETRENCO Republic of Moldova UEL
In favour Mr Stanislav POLČÁK Czech Republic EPP/CD
In favour Ms Marietta de POURBAIX-LUNDIN Sweden EPP/CD
In favour Mr Luc RECORDON Switzerland SOC
In favour Mr Andrea RIGONI Italy ALDE
In favour Mr Stefan SCHENNACH Austria SOC
In favour Mr Oleksandr SHEVCHENKO Ukraine NR
In favour Ms Maria Edera SPADONI Italy NR
In favour Mr Ionuț-Marian STROE Romania ALDE
In favour Mr Vilmos SZABÓ Hungary SOC
In favour Mr Konstantinos TRIANTAFYLLOS Greece SOC
Abstention Mr Ahmet Kutalmiş TÜRKEŞ Turkey ALDE
In favour Mr Nikolaj VILLUMSEN Denmark UEL
In favour Ms Nataša VUČKOVIĆ Serbia SOC
In favour Ms Gisela WURM Austria SOC