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Vote on Amendment 1 - Doc. 14465

Assembly's voting results

The honouring of obligations and commitments by Bosnia and Herzegovina

14 in favor, 41 against, 7 abstentions

All participants in the vote

Voting choice Member Country Political group
Against Ms Boriana ÅBERG Sweden EPP/CD
Against Mr Claude ADAM Luxembourg SOC
Against Lord Donald ANDERSON United Kingdom SOC
Against Mr Damir ARNAUT Bosnia and Herzegovina EPP/CD
In favour Ms Eka BESELIA Georgia SOC
In favour Mr Mladen BOSIĆ Bosnia and Herzegovina EPP/CD
Against Mr Ervin BUSHATI Albania SOC
Against Mr Titus CORLĂŢEAN Romania SOC
Abstention Mr Yves CRUCHTEN Luxembourg SOC
In favour Mr Şaban DİŞLİ Türkiye EPP/CD
In favour Mr Sergio DIVINA Italy FDG
Against Lord Alexander DUNDEE United Kingdom EC
In favour Ms Dubravka FILIPOVSKI Serbia FDG
Against Lord George FOULKES United Kingdom SOC
Against Mr Pierre-Alain FRIDEZ Switzerland SOC
In favour Ms Adele GAMBARO Italy FDG
Abstention Mr Valeriu GHILETCHI Republic of Moldova EPP/CD
Against Ms Miren GORROTXATEGI Spain UEL
Against Mr Jonas GUNNARSSON Sweden SOC
Against Mr Domagoj HAJDUKOVIĆ Croatia SOC
Abstention Mr Alfred HEER Switzerland ALDE
Against Ms Gabriela HEINRICH Germany SOC
Abstention Mr Andrej HUNKO Germany UEL
Against Ms Susan Elan JONES United Kingdom SOC
Against Mr Carles JORDANA Andorra ALDE
Against Mr Josip JURATOVIC Germany SOC
Against Ms Anne KALMARI Finland ALDE
Against Mr Niklas KARLSSON Sweden SOC
Abstention Mr Betian KITEV North Macedonia SOC
In favour Ms Elvira KOVÁCS Serbia EPP/CD
Against Mr Tiny KOX Netherlands UEL
In favour Ms Borjana KRIŠTO Bosnia and Herzegovina EPP/CD
In favour Mr Zviad KVATCHANTIRADZE Georgia SOC
Against Mr Christophe LACROIX Belgium SOC
Against Sir Edward LEIGH United Kingdom EC
Abstention Mr Georgii LOGVYNSKYI Ukraine EPP/CD
Against Ms Anne LOUHELAINEN Finland EC
In favour Ms Milica MARKOVIĆ Bosnia and Herzegovina FDG
Against Ms Kerry MCCARTHY United Kingdom SOC
Against Mr Thomas MÜLLER Switzerland ALDE
Against Mr Víctor NAUDI ZAMORA Andorra SOC
In favour Ms Marija OBRADOVIĆ Serbia EPP/CD
In favour Mr Žarko OBRADOVIĆ Serbia SOC
Against Ms Carina OHLSSON Sweden SOC
Abstention Mr Suat ÖNAL Türkiye EC
Against Mr Hişyar ÖZSOY Türkiye UEL
Against Ms Jaana Maarit PELKONEN Finland EPP/CD
Against Mr Frédéric REISS France EPP/CD
Against Mr Stefan SCHENNACH Austria SOC
Against Ms Ingjerd Schie SCHOU Norway EPP/CD
Against Mr Senad ŠEPIĆ Bosnia and Herzegovina EPP/CD
Against Mr Virendra SHARMA United Kingdom SOC
Against Ms Angela SMITH United Kingdom SOC
In favour Mr Aleksandar STEVANOVIĆ Serbia ALDE
Against Ms Inna ŞUPAC Republic of Moldova UEL
Against Mr Michael SVENSSON Sweden EPP/CD
Against Mr Damien THIÉRY Belgium ALDE
In favour Ms Aleksandra TOMIĆ Serbia EPP/CD
Against Mr Egidijus VAREIKIS Lithuania EPP/CD
Against Mr Martin WHITFIELD United Kingdom SOC
Against Mr Phil WILSON United Kingdom SOC