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Vote on Amendment

Assembly's voting results

The protection of freedom of religion or belief in the workplace

95 in favor, 37 against, 23 abstentions

All participants in the vote

Voting choice Member Country Political group
Abstention Ms Boriana ÅBERG Sweden EPP/CD
In favour Ms Thorhildur Sunna ÆVARSDÓTTIR Iceland SOC
In favour Ms Gökay AKBULUT Germany UEL
Against Lord Donald ANDERSON United Kingdom SOC
In favour Ms Sibel ARSLAN Switzerland SOC
In favour Mr Sos AVETISYAN Armenia SOC
In favour Mr Pedro BACELAR DE VASCONCELOS Portugal SOC
Against Ms Marijana BALIĆ Croatia EPP/CD
In favour Ms Maryna BARDINA Ukraine ALDE
In favour Ms Doris BARNETT Germany SOC
Abstention Mr Aleksandr BASHKIN Russian Federation NR
Abstention Mr Vlad BATRÎNCEA Republic of Moldova SOC
In favour Ms Petra BAYR Austria SOC
In favour Ms Maryvonne BLONDIN France SOC
In favour Ms Margreet De BOER Netherlands SOC
Against Mr Bob De BRABANDERE Belgium EC/DA
Abstention Ms Karin BROUWERS Belgium EPP/CD
In favour Ms Reina de BRUIJN-WEZEMAN Netherlands ALDE
In favour Ms Rósa Björk BRYNJÓLFSDÓTTIR Iceland UEL
In favour Mr Maurizio BUCCARELLA Italy NR
In favour Ms Doris BURES Austria SOC
In favour Ms Klotilda BUSHKA Albania SOC
In favour Ms María Luisa BUSTINDUY Spain SOC
Against Ms Marija Maja ĆATOVIĆ Montenegro SOC
Abstention Mr Bernard CAZEAU France ALDE
In favour Mr Pedro CEGONHO Portugal SOC
In favour Mr Ahmet Ünal ÇEVİKÖZ Turkey SOC
Against Mr Alexander CHRISTIANSSON Sweden EC/DA
In favour Ms Lise CHRISTOFFERSEN Norway SOC
In favour Mr Boriss CILEVIČS Latvia SOC
In favour Ms Alma ČOLO Bosnia and Herzegovina EPP/CD
In favour Mr Damien COTTIER Switzerland ALDE
In favour Ms Yolaine de COURSON France ALDE
Against Mr Zsolt CSENGER-ZALÁN Hungary EPP/CD
Against Ms Marie-Christine DALLOZ France EPP/CD
In favour Ms Edita ĐAPO Bosnia and Herzegovina EPP/CD
In favour Ms Jennifer DE TEMMERMAN France ALDE
Against Sir Jeffrey DONALDSON United Kingdom EC/DA
In favour Lady Diana ECCLES United Kingdom EC/DA
In favour Mr Petter EIDE Norway UEL
In favour Mr Yunus EMRE Turkey SOC
Abstention Ms Annicka ENGBLOM Sweden EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Andrey EPISHIN Russian Federation NR
In favour Ms Christiana EROTOKRITOU Cyprus SOC
Against Mr Franz Leonhard ESSL Austria EPP/CD
In favour Ms Edite ESTRELA Portugal SOC
In favour Mr Piero FASSINO Italy SOC
In favour Ms Tarja FILATOV Finland SOC
In favour Ms Dubravka FILIPOVSKI Serbia EPP/CD
Abstention Lord George FOULKES United Kingdom SOC
Abstention Mr Bernard FOURNIER France EPP/CD
In favour Mr Olivier FRANÇAIS Switzerland ALDE
Abstention Ms Alena GAJDŮŠKOVÁ Czech Republic SOC
Against Mr Hannes GERMANN Switzerland ALDE
Abstention Ms Marta GONZÁLEZ VÁZQUEZ Spain EPP/CD
Against Ms Alina-Ștefania GORGHIU Romania EPP/CD
Against Mr Tom van GRIEKEN Belgium EC/DA
In favour Mr Paolo GRIMOLDI Italy EC/DA
In favour Mr Antonio GUTIÉRREZ Spain SOC
In favour Mr Claude HAAGEN Luxembourg SOC
Against Ms Shpresa HADRI North Macedonia SOC
In favour Mr Domagoj HAJDUKOVIĆ Croatia SOC
Abstention Ms Françoise HETTO-GAASCH Luxembourg EPP/CD
In favour Mr Christoph HOFFMANN Germany ALDE
In favour Mr Petri HONKONEN Finland ALDE
In favour Mr Dimitri HOUBRON France ALDE
Abstention Mr John HOWELL United Kingdom EC/DA
In favour Mr Andrej HUNKO Germany UEL
In favour Mr Momodou Malcolm JALLOW Sweden UEL
Against Ms Hajnalka JUHÁSZ Hungary EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Igor KAGRAMANYAN Russian Federation NR
In favour Mr Dimitrios KAIRIDIS Greece EPP/CD
In favour Mr Leonid KALASHNIKOV Russian Federation UEL
Against Mr Serhii KALCHENKO Ukraine EC/DA
Abstention Mr Arin KARAPET Sweden EPP/CD
In favour Mr Georgios KATROUGKALOS Greece UEL
In favour Mr Betian KITEV North Macedonia SOC
Against Mr Norbert KLEINWAECHTER Germany EC/DA
Abstention Mr Eduard KÖCK Austria EPP/CD
Against Ms Elvira KOVÁCS Serbia EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Vladimir KOZHIN Russian Federation NR
In favour Ms Borjana KRIŠTO Bosnia and Herzegovina EPP/CD
In favour Mr Jaroslav KYTÝR Czech Republic ALDE
In favour Mr Christophe LACROIX Belgium SOC
In favour Mr Jérôme LAMBERT France SOC
In favour Mr Jacques LE NAY France ALDE
Against Sir Edward LEIGH United Kingdom EC/DA
In favour Mr Luís LEITE RAMOS Portugal EPP/CD
Against Ms Carmen LEYTE Spain EPP/CD
In favour Mr Dmytro LUBINETS Ukraine EPP/CD
In favour Mr Saša MAGAZINOVIĆ Bosnia and Herzegovina SOC
In favour Mr Alvise MANIERO Italy NR
In favour Mr Gianni MARILOTTI Italy NR
In favour Ms Ada MARRA Switzerland SOC
Abstention Mr Matern von MARSCHALL Germany EPP/CD
In favour Mr Kęstutis MASIULIS Lithuania EPP/CD
In favour Baroness Doreen MASSEY United Kingdom SOC
In favour Ms Kerry MCCARTHY United Kingdom SOC
In favour Ms Isabel MEIRELLES Portugal EPP/CD
In favour Mr Giuseppe Maria MORGANTI San Marino SOC
In favour Mr Simon MOUTQUIN Belgium SOC
In favour Mr Killion MUNYAMA Poland EPP/CD
Against Ms Miroslava NĚMCOVÁ Czech Republic EC/DA
Against Mr Zsolt NÉMETH Hungary EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Miroslav NENUTIL Czech Republic SOC
In favour Mr Andreas NICK Germany EPP/CD
In favour Mr Marco NICOLINI San Marino UEL
In favour Ms Snježana NOVAKOVIĆ BURSAĆ Bosnia and Herzegovina NR
In favour Ms Barbara NOWACKA Poland NR
In favour Mr Žarko OBRADOVIĆ Serbia SOC
Against Mr Ulrich OEHME Germany EC/DA
Abstention Mr Pieter OMTZIGT Netherlands EPP/CD
In favour Ms Ria OOMEN-RUIJTEN Netherlands EPP/CD
Against Ms Linda OZOLA Latvia EPP/CD
In favour Ms Esther PEÑA Spain SOC
Against Mr Paulo PISCO Portugal SOC
Against Mr Aleksander POCIEJ Poland EPP/CD
In favour Mr Martin POLIAČIK Slovak Republic ALDE
Against Mr Liviu-Marian POP Romania SOC
Abstention Mr Nikola POPOSKI North Macedonia EPP/CD
Against Mr Cezar Florin PREDA Romania EPP/CD
In favour Mr Roberto RAMPI Italy SOC
In favour Ms Isabelle RAUCH France ALDE
Against Mr Frédéric REISS France EPP/CD
In favour Mr Alberto RIBOLLA Italy EC/DA
Against Ms Maria RIZZOTTI Italy EPP/CD
Against Mr Gonzalo ROBLES Spain EPP/CD
Abstention Ms Irina RODNINA Russian Federation NR
In favour Lord Simon RUSSELL United Kingdom EC/DA
In favour Ms Darya SAFAI Belgium NR
In favour Mr Frithjof SCHMIDT Germany SOC
In favour Ms Ingjerd SCHOU Norway EPP/CD
In favour Mr Frank SCHWABE Germany SOC
In favour Mr Tommy SHEPPARD United Kingdom NR
In favour Mr Zeki Hakan SIDALI Turkey ALDE
Against Mr Andrej ŠIRCELJ Slovenia EPP/CD
In favour Mr Krzysztof ŚMISZEK Poland SOC
In favour Mr Serhii SOBOLIEV Ukraine EPP/CD
In favour Ms Petra STIENEN Netherlands ALDE
Against Mr Davor Ivo STIER Croatia EPP/CD
Against Mr Evripidis STYLIANIDIS Greece EPP/CD
In favour Ms Susana SUMELZO Spain SOC
Against Mr Birgir THÓRARINSSON Iceland EPP/CD
In favour Lord Don TOUHIG United Kingdom SOC
In favour Mr Alexandros TRIANTAFYLLIDIS Greece UEL
In favour Ms Nicole TRISSE France ALDE
In favour Ms Feleknas UCA Turkey UEL
In favour Mr Jiři VALENTA Czech Republic UEL
Against Mr Egidijus VAREIKIS Lithuania EPP/CD
In favour Mr Manuel VESCOVI Italy EC/DA
Against Ms Anne-Mari VIROLAINEN Finland EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Claude WISELER Luxembourg EPP/CD
In favour Ms Martine WONNER France ALDE
In favour Ms Lesia ZABURANNA Ukraine ALDE
Against Mr Barna Pál ZSIGMOND Hungary EPP/CD