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Vote on Resolution - Doc. 15832

Assembly's voting results

The theme of migration and asylum in election campaigns and its consequences on the reception of migrants and their rights

52 in favor, 7 against, 9 abstentions

All participants in the vote

Voting choice Member Country Political group
In favour Ms Nerea AHEDO Spain ALDE
In favour Ms Sibel ARSLAN Switzerland SOC
In favour Ms Marijana BALIĆ Croatia EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Simone BILLI Italy EC/DA
In favour Mr Jone BLIKRA Norway SOC
In favour Ms Elena BONETTI Italy ALDE
In favour Mr Bertrand BOUYX France ALDE
In favour Mr Hubert BÜCHEL Liechtenstein ALDE
In favour Ms Zdravka BUŠIĆ Croatia EPP/CD
Against Mr Jaroslav BŽOCH Czechia ALDE
In favour Ms Laura CASTEL Spain UEL
In favour Ms Lise CHRISTOFFERSEN Norway SOC
In favour Mr Jeremy CORBYN United Kingdom SOC
In favour Mr Randolph DE BATTISTA Malta SOC
In favour Ms Iva DIMIC Slovenia EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Marco DREOSTO Italy EC/DA
Abstention Ms Andrea EDER-GITSCHTHALER Austria EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Franz Leonhard ESSL Austria EPP/CD
In favour Mr Joseph Beppe FENECH ADAMI Malta EPP/CD
In favour Mr Emmanuel FERNANDES France UEL
In favour Ms Aurora FLORIDIA Italy SOC
Against Mr Thibaut FRANÇOIS France EC/DA
In favour Mr Pierre-Alain FRIDEZ Switzerland SOC
In favour Ms Cressida GALEA Malta SOC
Abstention Ms Elisabetta GARDINI Italy EC/DA
Abstention Mr Hannes GERMANN Switzerland ALDE
In favour Mr Oleksii GONCHARENKO Ukraine EC/DA
In favour Mr Domagoj HAJDUKOVIĆ Croatia SOC
In favour Mr Thomas HASLER Liechtenstein ALDE
In favour Mr Pablo HISPÁN Spain EPP/CD
Against Ms Nicole HÖCHST Germany EC/DA
In favour Mr Petri HONKONEN Finland ALDE
In favour Mr Andrej HUNKO Germany UEL
In favour Ms Marietta KARAMANLI France SOC
In favour Ms Mia KARAMEHIĆ-ABAZOVIĆ Bosnia and Herzegovina NR
In favour Ms Olena KHOMENKO Ukraine EC/DA
In favour Mr Kimmo KILJUNEN Finland SOC
In favour Ms Yevheniia KRAVCHUK Ukraine ALDE
In favour Mr Christophe LACROIX Belgium SOC
In favour Mr George LOUCAIDES Cyprus UEL
In favour Mr Arminas LYDEKA Lithuania ALDE
In favour Mr Saša MAGAZINOVIĆ Bosnia and Herzegovina SOC
In favour Ms Alessandra MAIORINO Italy NR
Against Mr Matthieu MARCHIO France EC/DA
In favour Ms Mariia MEZENTSEVA Ukraine EPP/CD
In favour Ms Anna-Kristiina MIKKONEN Finland SOC
In favour Mr Alain MILON France EPP/CD
In favour Ms Marica MONTEMAGGI San Marino SOC
Against Ms Mira NIEMINEN Finland EC/DA
In favour Ms Snježana NOVAKOVIĆ BURSAĆ Bosnia and Herzegovina NR
In favour Mr Andrea ORLANDO Italy SOC
In favour Ms Yuliia OVCHYNNYKOVA Ukraine ALDE
In favour Mr Berdan ÖZTÜRK Türkiye UEL
Abstention Mr Fabio PIETRELLA Italy EC/DA
Abstention Mr Graziano PIZZIMENTI Italy EC/DA
In favour Ms Filiz POLAT Germany SOC
In favour Ms Agnes Sirkka PRAMMER Austria SOC
In favour Mr Lukas SAVICKAS Lithuania SOC
In favour Mr Axel SCHÄFER Germany SOC
In favour Mr Davor Ivo STIER Croatia EPP/CD
In favour Ms Liliana TANGUY France ALDE
In favour Mr Francesco VERDUCCI Italy SOC
In favour Ms Tamara VONTA Slovenia ALDE
Against Mr Harald WEYEL Germany EC/DA
Against Mr Markus WIECHEL Sweden EC/DA
In favour Ms Yelyzaveta YASKO Ukraine EPP/CD
Abstention Ms Sandra ZAMPA Italy SOC
In favour Mr Emanuelis ZINGERIS Lithuania EPP/CD