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Vote on Amendment 6 - Doc. 11375

Assembly's voting results

The dangers of creationism in education

17 in favor, 49 against, 9 abstentions

All participants in the vote

Voting choice Member Country Political group
Against Ms Tina ACKETOFT Sweden ALDE
In favour Mr Miloš ALIGRUDIĆ Serbia EPP/CD
Against Mr Abdülkadir ATEŞ Turkey SOC
In favour Mr Claudio AZZOLINI Italy EPP/CD
Against Mr Zigmantas BALČYTIS Lithuania SOC
Abstention Ms Doris BARNETT Germany SOC
Abstention Mr Walter BARTOŠ Czech Republic EC
In favour Ms Marie-Louise BEMELMANS-VIDEC Netherlands EPP/CD
Against Ms Gülsün BİLGEHAN Turkey SOC
In favour Ms Guðfinna S. BJARNADÓTTIR Iceland EC
In favour Mr Luc Van den BRANDE Belgium EPP/CD
Against Ms Anne BRASSEUR Luxembourg ALDE
Against Mr Lorenzo CESA Italy EPP/CD
In favour Mr Valeriu COSARCIUC Republic of Moldova ALDE
In favour Mr Vlad CUBREACOV Republic of Moldova EPP/CD
Against Ms Anna ČURDOVÁ Czech Republic SOC
Against Mr Michel DREYFUS-SCHMIDT France SOC
In favour Ms Åse Gunhild Woie DUESUND Norway EPP/CD
In favour Mr Mátyás EÖRSI Hungary ALDE
Against Ms Lydie ERR Luxembourg SOC
Against Mr Iván FARKAS Slovak Republic EPP/CD
Abstention Mr Valeriy FEDOROV Russian Federation EC
In favour Mr Axel FISCHER Germany EPP/CD
Abstention Ms Doris FROMMELT Liechtenstein EPP/CD
Abstention Ms Alena GAJDŮŠKOVÁ Czech Republic SOC
Against Ms Gunn Karin GJUL Norway SOC
Against Ms Angelika GRAF Germany SOC
Against Mr Francis GRIGNON France EPP/CD
Against Mr Andreas GROSS Switzerland SOC
In favour Mr Holger HAIBACH Germany EPP/CD
Against Mr Davit HARUTYUNYAN Armenia NR
In favour Mr Andres HERKEL Estonia EPP/CD
Against Baroness Gloria HOOPER United Kingdom EC
Against Mr Raffi HOVANNISIAN Armenia EPP/CD
Against Ms Danuta JAZŁOWIECKA Poland EPP/CD
In favour Mr Tomáš JIRSA Czech Republic EC
Against Mr Morgan JOHANSSON Sweden SOC
Against Mr Erik JURGENS Netherlands SOC
Against Ms Marietta KARAMANLI France NR
In favour Mr Marek KAWA Poland EC
Against Ms Krista KIURU Finland SOC
Against Mr Albrecht KONEČNÝ Austria SOC
Against Mr Tiny KOX Netherlands UEL
In favour Mr Eduard KUKAN Slovak Republic EPP/CD
Against Mr Geert LAMBERT Belgium SOC
Against Mr Jean-Paul LECOQ France UEL
Against Mr Jacques LEGENDRE France EPP/CD
Against Mr Göran LINDBLAD Sweden EPP/CD
Against Mr Eduard LINTNER Germany EPP/CD
Against Mr Aleksei LOTMAN Estonia UEL
Against Sir Alan MEALE United Kingdom SOC
Against Ms Maria Manuela de MELO Portugal SOC
Against Ms Ana Catarina MENDES Portugal SOC
Against Mr Morten MESSERSCHMIDT Denmark EC
Against Mr Jean-Claude MIGNON France EPP/CD
In favour Mr João Bosco MOTA AMARAL Portugal EPP/CD
Abstention Ms Oľga NACHTMANNOVÁ Slovak Republic SOC
Against Mr Gebhard NEGELE Liechtenstein EPP/CD
Against Ms Carina OHLSSON Sweden SOC
Against Mr Leo PLATVOET Netherlands UEL
Against Mr Azis POLLOZHANI ''The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'' SOC
Against Mr Lluís Maria de PUIG I OLIVE Spain SOC
Against Mr Zbigniew RAU Poland EC
Against Mr Andrea RIGONI Italy ALDE
Abstention Mr Dario RIVOLTA Italy EPP/CD
Against Mr Alessandro ROSSI San Marino UEL
Against Lord David RUSSELL-JOHNSTON United Kingdom ALDE
Against Mr Walter SCHMIED Switzerland ALDE
Against Ms Hanne SEVERINSEN Denmark ALDE
Against Mr Björn von SYDOW Sweden SOC
Abstention Mr Egidijus VAREIKIS Lithuania EPP/CD
Against Mr Rudi VIS United Kingdom SOC
In favour Mr Piotr WACH Poland EPP/CD
Against Mr Paul WILLE Belgium ALDE
Abstention Ms Karin S. WOLDSETH Norway EC