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Draft Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents

Request for an opinion | Doc. 11631 | 10 June 2008

Committee of Ministers
Referred to the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, for report: Reference No. 3462 (19th Session, 23 June 2008). 2008 - Fourth part-session

1 Letter from the Chairperson of the Ministers’ Deputies to Mr Lluís Maria de Puig, President of the Parliamentary Assembly

27 May 2008

Dear President,

At the 1025th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (30 April, 2 and 5 May 2008, item 4.3), the Committee of Ministers decided to invite the Parliamentary Assembly to give an opinion on the draft Council of Europe convention on access to official documents, contained in Document CM(2008)56 Addendum 1. I enclose a copy of the draft convention and of its explanatory report.

If the Assembly were able to give its opinion by October 2008, it would greatly assist the Committee of Ministers in the early finalisation of this important text.


Per Sjögren Chairman of the Committee of Ministers’ Deputies

Draft Council of Europe convention on access to official documentsNote