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Forestry situation in Europe

Recommendation 135 (1957)

Parliamentary Assembly
see Doc. 625, Report of the Special Committee on Agriculture This Recommendation was adopted by the Assembly at its 8th Sitting, on 3rd May 1957

The Assembly,

Considering :

that, from the economic standpoint, an afforestation or reafforestation policy, by permitting the rational use of "marginal" land, may enable the national income to be increased ;

that, in some parts of the Mediterranean area, in hilly districts or in districts traversed by rivers, reafforestation is the most effective means of regulating the flow of water, eliminates danger of erosion and prevents floodings ;

that, from the social standpoint, more abundant afforestation helps to prevent the flight from the land and, by increasing opportunities for employment, provides an effective method of countering under-employment in over-populated areas ;

Convinced that these aims are of vital importance to the future of Europe and can only be achieved by a European Authority having a Forestry Fund at its disposal,

Recommends that the Committee of Ministers should draw the attention of the Governments concerned to the need for :

1 promoting a European forestry policy ;
2 studying measures for standardising the forestry legislation of Member States ;
3 setting up a specialised international institute to finance forestry investments ;
4 providing technical assistance for European countries which so desire