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Ratification of the European Social Charter

Recommendation 440 (1965)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly Debate on 1st October 1965 (16th Sitting) (see Doc. 1926, report of the Social Committee). Text adopted by the Assembly on 1st October 1965 (16th Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Noting that to date the European Social Charter has been signed by Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom ;
2. Noting that it has been ratified by the Federal Republic of Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom and therefore came into force on 26th February 1965 ;
3. Believing it desirable that all member States of the Council of Europe should sign and ratify them as soon as possible,
4. Recommends the Committee of Ministers to urge member States of the Council of Europe which have not yet signed or ratified the European Social Charter to do so at their earliest possible convenience.