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Economic and political unity of Europe

Recommendation 449 (1966)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 26th January 1966 (21st Sitting) (see Doc. 2003), report of the Political Committee). Text adopted by the Assembly on 26th January 1966 (21st Sitting).
1. The Assembly recognising :
a that the disagreement within EEC is paralysing the work of the Community and doing grave injury to the European cause ;
b that, as a result of the continued division of the free nations of Europe into separate trading groups and of their inability to speak with one voice on political issues, Europe is increasingly losing her economic independence and is unable to exercise her due influence in world affairs ; and
c that the European Economic Community offers the best foundation on which to build the economic and political unity of Europe,
2. Urges the Governments of the European Economic Community :
a to resolve their differences as quickly as possible in a manner consistent with the Treaty of Rome ;
b to recognise the urgent need to enlarge the Community and accordingly to announce their readiness to consider applications for membership from other European countries which are willing to accept the obligations involved ; and
c to declare their intention to develop progressively a European political association, based on the enlarged EEC, and, as a first step, to arrange regular consultations between the European countries which wish to participate, with the object of evolving together a common external policy ;
3. Urges the Governments of EFTA to affirm or confirm their readiness to examine with the Governments of EEC the question of their joining the Community as full or associate Members.