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General policy of the Council of Europe

Recommendation 459 (1966)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debates on 3rd and 4th May 1966 (2nd and 3rd Sittings) (seeDoc. 2055, report of the Political Committee). Text adopted by the Assembly on 4th May 1966 (5th Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Expressing its satisfaction that the European Economic Community has surmounted its recent crisis ;
2. Hoping that agreement will soon be reached within the Six on a common agricultural policy, on the way in which the fusion of the Executives of the three Communities will be achieved and on a common approach to the Kennedy Round ;
3. Believing that it is indispensable that a new effort should be made concerning the extension of EEC, so that other member States of the Council of Europe, including Britain, which have expressed their intention of joining it in suitable circumstances can do so as soon as possible ;
4. Reaffirming that the best way to European unity lies through the European Communities ;
5. Welcoming the fact that in its Note of 25th March 1966, transmitted to the Governments of Eastern and Western countries, the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany contributed constructively to the peaceful development of the political situation of our Continent ;
6. Expressing its concern at the strains which have developed in Atlantic relations ; but convinced that differences of view over defence matters should not prevent European States from resuming contacts with a view to organising a System of political co-operation ;
7. Noting also the growing difficulty of the individual European States to maintain a competitive position with regard to the United States and the Soviet Union in the development of advanced technology and science-based industry ; and the increasing dependence of Europe on the United States in the aircraft industry, in the production of computers, and in other products requiring heavy investments and large-scale research facilities,
8. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers :
a should invite the Governments of the Members of EEC and those of the other European countries willing and able to assume the responsibilities of membership of or association with EEC to intensify their contacts with a view to resolving the outstanding problems which must be solved before EEC can be enlarged and a beginning of political co-operation between European States can be made ;
b should promote, without delay, multi-lateral European co-operation in the sphere of advanced technology and science-based industry ; and should encourage the extension of existing bilateral projects into multilateral forms where appropriate ; and recommends further that the whole of this problem should be discussed at a Conference of European Ministers of Science and Technology together with other proposals made in Recommendation 460;
c should keep each other informed on matters affecting initiatives towards Eastern Europe and should organise regular consultations so that better relations , economically, politically, culturally and socially can be further developed with the Eastern European countries and so that new initiatives in this respect should not be inconsistent with the general interest of member countries.