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Implementation of the “Lanzarote Convention” by the Netherlands

Written question No. 632 to the Committee of Ministers | Doc. 13183 | 23 April 2013

Question from
Mr Renato FARINA, Italy, EPP/CD

The Dutch prosecution service tried to outlaw the paedophile association Martijn. A district court in Assen dissolved the association. Yet the Court of Appeal in Leeuwarden overturned that decision.

In its judgment, the Court of Appeal stated that the association trivialises the danger of sexual contact with young children, justifies such contacts or even idolises them. And the Court of Appeal thinks that this is a serious infringement of the sexual integrity of the child.

Yet the social disruption was not great enough to dissolve the association.

The public prosecution service will not lodge an appeal in cassation.

Yet, it appears that Dutch law allows such an organisation to exist. Eight of its former board members have been convicted of possessing child pornography or paedophilia. A convicted child rapist (of a girl aged 3 at the time) and child murderer stated during his trial that he learned tips and tricks at the meetings of the association Martijn.

The Netherlands has signed and ratified the Lanzarote Convention. This convention clearly states in Article 4: “Each Party shall take the necessary legislative or other measures to prevent all forms of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children and to protect children”.

Mr Farina,

To ask the Committee of Ministers:

  • Does the Committee of Ministers agree that the Dutch law fails to protect children properly?
  • Is the Committee of Ministers willing to ask the Committee of the Parties of the Lanzarote Convention to evaluate the implementation of that convention in the Netherlands?