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Mr Dolmatov’s detention in the Netherlands

Reply to Written question | Doc. 13352 | 08 November 2013

Committee of Ministers
Reply to Written question
: Written question no. 637 (Doc. 13209)
1 When examining the question put by the Honourable Parliamentarian, the Committee of Ministers was informed by the Dutch delegation that an investigation had been launched following instructions from the State Secretary for Security and Justice and executed by the Security and Justice Inspectorate. The investigation established that Mr Dolmatov had been wrongly placed in immigration detention, that the legal assistance provided was not in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and that the medical care provided was inadequate considering his state of health. The Dutch delegation indicated that the authorities have adopted measures based on recommendations given by the Security and Justice Inspectorate in order to prevent similar incidents occurring.
2 The Dutch delegation also informed the Committee that its authorities presented a response to the report of the European Committee for Prevention of Torture (CPT) by letter of 9 August 2013.  This response was made public by the CPT on 21 August 2013(http://www.cpt.coe.int/documents/nld/2013-22-inf-eng.pdf). The Dutch authorities underlined in this respect that the CPT’s recommendations have been taken into due consideration.