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Judges in Poland and in the Republic of Moldova must remain independent

Amendment No. 10 | Doc. 15204 | 25 January 2021

Mr Arkadiusz MULARCZYK, Poland, EC/DA ; Ms Iwona ARENT, Poland, EC/DA ; Mr Zbigniew GIRZYŃSKI, Poland, EC/DA ; Mr Daniel MILEWSKI, Poland, EC/DA ; Mr Bolesław PIECHA, Poland, EC/DA
2021 - First part-session
In the draft resolution, paragraph 12.3, delete the following words:

"the same reasoning may be applied to the Supreme Court's Chamber of Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs;"

Explanatory note

This statement is false. The CJEU judgment did not apply to the SC Chamber of Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs. The status of this Chamber does not differ from that of the "old" Chambers of the Supreme Court and is by no means similar to that of the Disciplinary Chamber.