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Gender representation in the Parliamentary Assembly

Amendment No. 1 | Doc. 15366 | 26 September 2021

Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination
2021 - Fourth part-session
In the draft resolution, paragraph 8.1, replace the words "Each national delegation shall include members of the under-represented sex [footnote 1] to ensure at least the following gender representation" with the following words:

"The composition of each national delegation shall include both women and men. Delegations with two seats (4 members) shall include at least one woman as a representative. The composition of each national delegation with three seats (6 members) or more shall include at least the same percentage of women as in the composition of the national parliament appointing the delegation, unless this national parliament is composed of more than two-thirds of members of one sex. In the latter case, the following rules shall apply".

Explanatory note

This reinstates the requirement that delegations reflect the composition of their national parliaments, where it is more balanced than one-in-three. Promoting equal gender representation within the Assembly, which this report is intended to support, will not be possible if delegations appointed by gender-balanced parliaments are subject only to the "one-in-three" principle.