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Gender representation in the Parliamentary Assembly

Sub-Amendment to Amendment No. 13 | Doc. 15366 | 28 September 2021

Ms Béatrice FRESKO-ROLFO, Monaco, ALDE ; Ms Mònica BONELL, Andorra, ALDE ; Mr Pierre-Alain FRIDEZ, Switzerland, SOC ; Mr Gerardo GIOVAGNOLI, San Marino, SOC ; Mr Pere LÓPEZ, Andorra, SOC ; Ms Eva LÓPEZ, Andorra, ALDE ; Mr Jacques MAIRE, France, ALDE ; Ms Marica MONTEMAGGI, San Marino, SOC
2021 - Fourth part-session
ln amendment 13, replace the second sentence in inverted commas with the following sentence:

"As long as women are under-represented in the Parliamentary Assembly, each national delegation with three seats (6 members) or more shall include women as members at least in the same percentage as in its parliament or, if this is more favourable to the representation of women, ensure gender representation as follows:"

and delete the first bullet point.

Explanatory note

Amendment 13 already requires 2-seat (4 member) delegations to include 1 woman and 1 man as representatives. These delegations cannot be expected to include 50% women as soon as their national parliament has at least 26% women. The "at least the same percentage" requirement should be waived for them.