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Fianna Fáil

Seanad Éireann
IE - - Dublin 2

Working language: English

Declarations of interests:
2021 , 2020


In the political groups

  • Vice-Chairperson: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe since 25/01/2021
  • Member: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe from 15/09/2020 to 25/01/2021

In the Assembly

  • since 15/09/2020 Representative - Ireland

In the committee(s) and sub-committee(s)

  • Ex officio (Rule 14.3 of the Rules of Procedure): Bureau of the Assembly (since 21/05/2021)
  • Member: Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe (Monitoring Committee) (since 25/01/2021)
  • Full Member: Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media (since 15/09/2020)
  • Chairperson of national delegation: Standing Committee (since 15/09/2020)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Education, Youth and Sport (since 26/01/2021)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Media and Information Society (since 26/01/2021)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Diasporas and Integration (since 26/01/2021)
  • Alternate of Mr Paul GAVAN (Full Member): Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons (since 15/09/2020)


Last speeches

29/09/2021 | 11:33:26 This is a very interesting and incredibly important debate. Across the world we have to acknowledge that scientific evidence is accumulating on the mass of detrimental effects of environmental degradation, on the health, dignity, and well-being of humans and the stability of our ecosystems. This is a boomerang effect of human economic activities with an excessive and toxic environmental footprint. The next 10 years are absolutely crucial if we are to address the climate and biodiversity... 28/09/2021 | 12:02:05 Thank you very much Madam Chair. I would like to commend and congratulate both the Rapporteur on her excellent work, and of course Professor Jeffrey Sachs for his passionate and compassionate presentation before us. There is no doubt that this is a very important agenda debate for us during this week. In the world of fake news, populism and sound bites, we absolutely have to restore social trust, which essentially is the belief in the honesty, integrity, and reliability of others, which acts... 24/06/2021 | 09:47:27 Good morning, Mister Chairman, and of course to my colleagues in Strasbourg and around Europe. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak on this important topic. I want to congratulate Mr PISCO on his report. I think he makes some very sensible suggestions which would be important for us to take on board. He, of course, highlights the very positive contribution of diasporas and their associations to the development of their own country of residence. I think he is correct in calling... 23/06/2021 | 16:40:01 Thank you, Madam President, and good afternoon from a wet Dublin. I look forward to being with you in Strasbourg next September. I would like to congratulate the rapporteur on her excellent report and on the recommendations that she makes. My own party, that of Fianna Fáil, within the ALDE group has a long history of supporting equality policies but it is clear we have a lot of work to do in this area. If we are true to our values that we want to represent, the diverse views and the lived... 22/04/2021 | 12:38:24 Thank you very much, Madam Chair. And I want to commend and support the report from the co-rapporteurs. I think they have done a very valuable job in relation to the report in terms of highlighting what we all need to be incredibly concerned about. The recent developments in Turkey, there is no doubt, further undermined democracy, rule of law, and of course human rights. The crackdown on political opposition is very very concerning. The investigation and prosecution that have targeted...