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24/06/2022 | 11:19:26 Thank you, Madam Chair. Dear Colleagues. There is no good war. Because any war destroys, ruins human lives and brings tears. Therefore, the wise saying of the ancient Roman philosopher Cicero expressed 21 centuries ago remains valid today that a bad peace is better than a good war. In 2017, we witnessed an event bearing important historical and symbolic meaning. A tram line has been opened between our long-time native Strasbourg and the German city of Kehl. I confess, I welcomed this event... 23/06/2022 | 17:43:53 Thank you, Mister President, dear colleagues, First of all, on behalf of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, I would like to start by thanking the Rapporteur Mr Jacques MAIRE for this very important report. The Council of Europe has long ago overstepped the limit of being a purely European organisation. For several years, a number of non-European countries have been directly participating in the meetings of the Assembly and actively co-operating with the Council of Europe. From... 22/06/2022 | 11:10:17 Thank you, Madam Chair. Dear Colleagues, I am proud that in my country Azerbaijan, mosques, churches and synagogues are side by side, and there is no need to keep armed guards near any of them. It is the case now; it has been the case for centuries. The famous 12th century Jewish traveller, Benjamin of Tudela, said that there were 1 000 synagogues in Azerbaijan at that time. However, this figure is clear evidence of how close the Jews had been integrated into Azerbaijani society in the Middle... 21/06/2022 | 17:36:51 Thank you, Chair. Dear Colleagues, The strongest man in the world cannot tear a sheet of paper by pulling it wider. However, fold this sheet a few times, then smooth it out and give it to a child. The child will easily tear the already folded paper. So is society. It is difficult until the hard layer collapses. Once a crack has formed, it gradually deepens and causes new cracks to form. Serious security threats in Europe require decisive action to make the future more certain. Europe is... 20/06/2022 | 12:38:38 Thank you President. Dear colleagues, As I reflect on this Progress Report, I would like to reflect not only on the work done and the achievements gained since the last part-session but also on how the Assembly has passed the previous period of the pandemic, to assess the difficult and testing path that we have left behind. Because today, for the first time in the past two years, we are all working at full capacity, visually, without masks, in a pre-pandemic mode. This marks the end of an... 28/04/2022 | 16:50:02 Thank you, President. Dear colleagues, The most undesirable trend that undermines democracy in Europe and in the world is double standards, which directly contradict the concept of democracy. Unfortunately, we, in my country, have been witnessing this for the last 30 years, and I regret to stress that we have experienced this concern also here in the Council of Europe. The loss of democracy, which we call a different approach with its various manifestations, now suddenly ignites even in the... 27/04/2022 | 18:50:35 Thank you, Madam President. Dear colleagues, Every wealth of historical value and moral weight belongs to the people. İt's an unwritten law. No matter how much time passes, sooner or later the possession of people will return to its owner. Therefore, if the theft, usurpation, smuggling and illegal circulation of such wealth is a crime from a legal point of view, then it is also a conspiracy against a people, country and history from a moral point of view. If it is a positive deed to get rid... 25/04/2022 | 17:37:04 Thank you, Chair. Dear colleagues, I would like to reiterate the views I expressed in my recent speeches on progress reports. In addition to demonstrating the work done and achievements during the reporting period, these reports should propose answers to questions about what we should do tomorrow and what we should be prepared for. A timely step is significant in all areas of life.  A step taken in time signifies a slight anticipation of the future. The timely step is to anticipate what is... 28/01/2022 | 12:30:04 Thank you chair, dear colleagues. On the first working days of January 2022 was declared the "Year of Shusha" by the order of the President of Azerbaijan. This is not just a calendar event, it is not just a matter of one country. This topic has a deep socio-political and economic and, of course, historical and spiritual sense. Shusha has always been a place of particular value for Azerbaijanis and this city, founded 270 years ago by the great commander and statesman Panakhali Khan, has always... 27/01/2022 | 19:34:33 (Undelivered speech, Rules of Procedure Art. 31.2) Over the past 20 years, the Parliamentary Assembly has repeatedly debated the activities of democratic institutions in Armenia, parliamentary and presidential elections held in the country. Notwithstanding the debates took place at different times, in different political situations in the country in the presence of different people in power, the rapporteurs were surprisingly unanimous in their assessment of the situation. Nevertheless, the...