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11/10/2023 | 19:18:31 Thank you. Mister Chair, thank you for the floor. Thank you very much to the rapporteur for bringing this important topic to us. Women and girls with disabilities account for 16% of the female population in the European Union and 60% of the 100 million disabled population. Data show that these women are two to five times more likely to be victims of violence than other women and girls. In the European Union, 34% of women with health problems or disabilities have experienced physical or sexual... 20/06/2023 | 19:22:38 Mister President, thank you for the floor. Dear Colleagues, The Covid-19 pandemic has pointed out the importance of international co-operation and regulation much more than we have experienced before. That is why I thank the rapporteurs for raising and developing this topic. National governments and parliaments, as well as international organisations, have a huge role to play in disease control. Co-operation, information exchange, efficiency and appropriate decision-making are essential... 23/01/2023 | 16:45:01 Thank you, Chair. Thank you for the floor. Dear colleagues, The member states of the Council of Europe contributed tens of thousands of soldiers to peacekeeping operations. My country, Hungary, participated with more than a thousand people in peacemaking and peacekeeping missions in crisis zones. This is essential because local conflicts can easily escalate and lead to regional or global tensions. Crisis management is an important tool for prevention. But the prevention of terrorism and... 25/04/2022 | 18:37:18 Mister Chair, thank you for the floor. First of all, congratulations to the rapporteur. In this report he undertook to solve a particularly important and serious problem. Children’s exposure to pornographic content has been a concern in the past, but has risen sharply due to confinement and increased virtual life due to the coronavirus epidemic. Access to digital services affects more than 60% of the European Union's population. There are a lot of children among the users. According to a 2020... 25/01/2022 | 18:17:04 Mister President, thank you for the floor. In my opinion, the report raises and analyses a very important issue. Congratulations to the rapporteur.  The media have a key role to play in managing the crisis well and effectively, as it can reach members of society with great success. In times of crisis, people's hunger for information also increases. With the acquired knowledge, they want to remedy their fears and insecurities. Since the mediators of information are in most cases the media, it... 24/01/2022 | 20:03:23 (Undelivered speech, Rules of Procedure Art. 31.2) I would like to pay tribute to the rapporteur. I consider her work and her report to be very important. The report is entirely eye-catching. It draws attention to our missions. I say this despite the fact that Hungary is one of the 21 countries in the world that have been able to achieve economic growth while reducing emissions. But we have universal omissions and we can do more. The effects of climate change are so complex and significant... 23/06/2021 | 16:19:47 Madam Chair, thank you for the floor. Women are the soul of families and engines of society. The path to success is to reshape public thinking according to society benefits from women playing a leading role either in local or national public life. Women can take a different approach, either to their individual work or to leading an organisation. The main challenge today is to reconcile work and private life. Women need to be helped to work alongside family life because improving the situation... 21/04/2021 | 17:57:41 Thank you for the floor, Mr President and thank you for your kindness and help. First of all, I would like to thank for rapporteurs for raising this topic. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) affects 650 million people. This fact shows the importance of the subject. This is why the Hungarian National Assembly unanimously adopted the bill on promulgation in 2007. I can tell you that the Convention brought a paradigm shift in Hungarian and international disability... 27/01/2021 | 10:52:02 Mr President, First of all, I would like to thank the rapporteur for the great work with special regard to the sensibility of the topic. The whole world has been under shock for a year because of the coronavirus epidemic. According to experts, when the rate of natural infection and vaccination reaches 60-70 per cent, the epidemic stops. In the Covid-19 pandemic vaccination is likely to play a key role in decreasing the spread of infection, that is why Hungary considers it to be of utmost... 26/06/2019 | 11:06:47 Dear Madam Chair, dear Colleagues, First of all, let me congratulate the rapporteurs for their excellent and very timely report. Mental health problems are not new phenomena in society, but the challenges of a modern and accelerated culture aggravated the situation. The report deals with a very important and sensitive issue based on human rights. Allow me to start my intervention by quoting the following thought: "Whatsoever you wish that others do to you, do also to them”. I think this kind...