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Mr Aleksandar ŠEŠELJ

Speeches since 2019

31/01/2020 | 12:33:35 Thank you. Distinguished colleagues, Today we are debating on organ transplant tourism. It looks like everybody has forgotten about the resolution 1782 from 2011 "Investigation of allegations of inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo and Metohija" and the Dick Marty report. The resolution states that numerous concrete and convergent indications confirm that some Serbians and some Kosovo Albanians were held prisoner in secret places of detention under the... 04/10/2019 | 12:24:35 Ladies and gentlemen, Twenty years ago, the NATO coalition brutally bombed my country, the Republic of Serbia, and during the campaign of aggression killed more than 2500 people, and inflicted material damage estimated at more than 100 billion US dollars. This action represents a violation of international law because there was no consent of the United Nations Security Council for this intervention. For more than twenty years NATO and their partners in crime, the terrorist organization KLA... 28/06/2019 | 12:01:52 Dear colleagues, Regarding the current situation in Montenegro, I must inform you that the regime of Milo Đukanović is doing everything in its power to erase the Serbian community living in Montenegro. From the Montenegro referendum in 2006, which he manipulated, the Serbs in Montenegro are second-class citizens if they are citizens at all. They cannot find employment in public service and they are under strong pressure to declare as Montenegrins. More than 30% of the population the last... 12/04/2019 | 12:15:57 I will speak about the Republic of Serbia. The Serbian people living in the region of Kosovo are on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. The self-proclaimed, so-called government of Kosovo, consisting of the leaders of a terrorist organisation called the KLA, has put a 100% tariff regime on all goods coming from central Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbs in Kosovo are in jeopardy and there is a great insufficiency of food and medicines, which is making their life even harder than it... 10/04/2019 | 17:29:13 In a room of this building, there is a copy of one of the most important legal documents ever seen throughout history: the Magna Carta, which restricted the power of a king over his people and introduced the famous legal principle that there can be no taxation without representation. In the past five years, however, that principle has been trampled underfoot here. The Russian Federation is being asked to pay money but denied the right to vote. Have we forgotten the Magna Carta, or do we want...